I have the pleasure of working with a Maine ceramic artist to create an online portfolio site and space for people to get a sense of who she is as an artist. We are still in process, so some changes will occur. Here are a couple of screen shots as a preview of what I designed for her.

David Morgan, artist and owner of the Green Lion Gallery in Bath, ME, hired me to transfer and upgrade his previous site. I chose Squarespace as his platform for its ease of use and simple shop integration. It was a pleasure working with him. If you get the chance, check out his gallery on Front St. in Bath. He showcases beautiful artwork and fantastic artists. The site is now in his hands and changes as he so desires. Please view the gallery of images, showing my original work for his site.

My first official web client was local artist, Kathleen Goddu. Kathleen practices Japanese textile arts called shibori and sashiko, and offers workshops. This site gave her an online presence she could use to reach a wide audience.

Nearing the end of a career helping children with speech skills, she discovered self expression through fabric art. With this project, I helped Kathleen develop a venue for that expression. She can now show her work to anyone, and has the means to advertise her workshops. The workshop in the summer of 2017 was a success. She said she received many more responses than expected because of the web site. It was a pleasure helping an artist showcase her work, and create a space that allows the rest of us to learn about her.